Two knowledgeable Aston trained guys that did a great job for me. I would not hesitate to use them again

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For my last service I used Rick at Derby Motor Services and so was looking for an alternative within a reasonable distance from Lancashire. I had Bridge Mill Motors recommended to me from a reputable source so thought I would give them a try.

I regularly go on a 2 day business trip to Cambridge, so I arranged to drive to Macclesfield and leave my car with them whilst I then caught the train down to Cambridge. Finding the garage was easy once you realise you need to go round the back of the Mills and not drive into the front entrance!

Anyway, I met Nick, who turns out to be a very friendly chap, left him with a list of stuff I needed doing and then he offered to give me a lift to the station, which I accepted and also accepted his offer to pick me up from the station when I arrived back the next day.

The work I had done was;
• 5 year service (I supplied the oil)
• replace the 2 front Hego sensors (no more Emission Service Required warning :-))
• new disk pads all round
• replace utility belt and pulley (no more squealing :-))
• replace gearbox oil with thinner oil (no more 1st -> 2nd change issues)
• fix windscreen wiper ‘thunk’ noise

When I returned the next day, Nick picked me up from the station (thanks!) and explained that all the work had been done. He even showed me all the parts that they had removed. Whilst they finished washing the car we spent a while talking about the car which clearly showed both he and Adam have a extensive knowledge of Astons (they also have a wall of training certificates from the Gaydon factory).

Driving the car home showed that replacing the Hego sensors did more than just stop the warning light – it definitely made the engine run better. The new gearbox oil made a significant improvement to the gear change, something I hadn’t really expected (mine had already had the modification to supposedly address the 1st->2nd change). It was raining, so the fix for the wiper noise was appreciated (it seems Aston sometimes forgot to fit some bolts to the wiper mounts which can make the wipers noisy at the end of the stroke, so Nick just fitted the bolts).

The cost for the work was less than I had expected. I had supplied many of the parts myself, but the cost was about the same as Rick had charged me for a 40K service, so I think I got a good deal!

My conclusion is that Bridge Mill Motors is a small independent garage run by two knowledgeable Aston trained guys that did a great job for me and I would not hesitate to use them again.

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