I cannot recommend these guys highly enough

Reviewed on: PistonHeads

A few weeks ago my clutch started showing signs it’s about to give up – slight slipping at high revs in 6th. As DMS are no more I looked for an alternative and came up with Bridge Mill Motors in Macclesfield.

Both Nick & Adam are ex-Stratstone Wilmslow mechanics, they quoted me a great price hence my P & J (Pride and Joy) is now with them being fettled. Just had the dreaded phone call, but thankfully it was only to advise the old clutch was shot and would I like my gearbox oil changing for the revised spec oil.

All good signs up to now, will report back once I’ve collected the car.
Picked my V8V up today, New clutch, gearbox oil & revised linkage. What a difference. Feels like a new car, clutch action is so much lighter and 1st to 2nd how it should have always been.

They’d also fixed my wiper clonk – FOC. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, even showed me my old fooked clutch.

If you’re wandering over, don’t expect Stratstones, but then again your not paying for it! I’ll be back when my service comes round.

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