A hat tip to a decent honest independent garage

Reviewed on: Pistonheads

I purchased my father’s 2011 V8 Vantage new from a well know dealer in the North West. Whilst we were totally happy with the sales process, he wasn’t totally comfortable with the servicing department. Without getting too specific, time taken to do jobs, not washing or vacuuming or doing anything cleaning wise post service – not even a jet wash (would suit me fine as I always left a DO NOT WASH sign in my V12 as I was too anal about swirls in the paint, but he is more relaxed on that) and ‘significant’ pricing, were issues that didn’t sit well.

As a result he has taken it to Bridge Mill in Macclesfield for servicing (even though still in manufacturer warranty), and been extremely happy with the service provided and the economics, all done to AML standards, with OEM parts and a full AMDS system. There were no issues with various warranty claims then done at a main dealer post the services. The 2 owners, I gather, are formerly from a main dealer.

As he was so happy with the service, we needed a small job doing on my mum’s new M5 – opening the exhaust valves permanently cool(can’t pull the equivalent of fuse 15/22 or just disconnect the vacuum lines as the valves default to closed frown)

Bridge Mill did that for us no problems even though BMW is not their sweet spot.

If I still had my V12V (some medical problems have resulted in its sale) I would use them for that as well.

For those in the North West, it’s a very good and honest place for servicing or other work. Don’t expect tiled floors, fancy lights and a chap in a suit sucking his teeth telling you a hugely expensive bill is forthcoming (a la main dealer). Someone is always paying for the main dealer’s fancy real estate, but their lifts, tools and work is top notch.

No affiliation at all – just a hat tip to a decent honest indi.

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